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“The Asian Aerosol Federation aims to promote the growth of a prosperous, safe and environmentally responsible aerosol industry across the region” - Lindsay Showyin, Inaugural President, Asian Aerosol Federation

Faciliating enhanced communication and co-operation in the aerosol industry

Our goal is to work together to inform and educate potential consumers across the Asia Oceania region on the benefits of aerosol products. As an organisation we also aim to encourage and assist countries who do not yet have national aerosol organisations, to form them and to eventually come under the Federation umbrella. 

Sharing information on technology, legislation and regulations 

Sharing information on technology, legislation and industry standards is an important goal of the AAF. While mature markets have long established regulations and standards in these areas, we sometimes see the pace of technological and industrial development outpacing regulations in emerging & fast growing markets.

Developing a voice amoungst other global aerosol associations and improving industry standards 

To achieve dynamic and ongoing success within the aerosol industry we must initiate a global conversation. With the Asian region now accounting for a sizable portion of global fillings and with the rich potential offered by even a modest increase in per capita consumption, the Federation has an important role in ensuring that safety and environmental standards keep pace with this growth.